Never Stop Flowing Toward Your Dream

Two years ago, I read Pilgrim Progress, a novel written by John Bunyan. It described how human beings suffer from a variety of troubles in their lives metaphorically but realistically. I was impressed that the hero called ‘Christian’ had a heavy burden on his back, and he started to make a trip toward a light to be perfectly saved. However, his travel was not easy since he had been harassed by evils such as temptation, lie, desire, and so forth. Nevertheless, he did not get out of his own way toward salvation, and he could arrive at the door of the Heaven.

As shown in this story, we should not avoid any trouble which approaches to us in our lives, but we should exert ourselves to overcome all troubles. However, it does not mean that we should strive hard to get rid of all troubles; it is because we cannot obtain perfect victories against evils. As we frequently fight with evils, they may tease us more severely. Instead, we can gradually walk toward the light – the door of the Heaven with keeping our hope and destination; even if we fall over many obstacles which obstruct our way, and even if we may go a longway round, we will finally arrive at the Heaven if we never give up ourselves. For instance, we sometimes tend to worry about trivial problems, and as a result we lose our original purpose. On the other hand, you can observe how water moves down from the top of mountains, and how they finally make spacious sea. Water never destroy any stone or obstacles which interrupt its way, and instead it softly wraps these obstacles and softly goes over them without any serious collision. It never stop flowing toward its dream – the sea. Our lives should also resemble characteristics of water.

Now, this is a good time for us to change our attitude. Let us locate the vivid imagination of the Heaven in the center of our mind, and always keep the virtual image there. If so, we will never lose our way although any obstacles interrupt us.


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